Technical Rescue

Aerial Ladder-Keller, TX Confined Space-Indian Harbor, TX Ropes II-Granbury, TX

Let us come to your department for Aerial Ladder Operations, Low Angle, High Angle and Confined Space Technical Rescue Training. Our custom designed 3 story tower sets up at your facility in just a matter of minutes. Combined with our online curriculum, your department will have access to everything from basic refresher to full NFPA compliant training.

FD International has the best instructors in the business. We have real world, hands on experience from actually performing these types of rescues:

  • High Angle
  • Low Angle
  • Confined Space
  • Collapse
  • Heavy Rescue
  • Entrapment

Aerial Ladder Operations Tactics

Its not your normal ladder class…

We discuss and practice real world events and situations then put your ladder operators to the test.

Aerial Ladder operations is a hands on class designed to give your firefighters a unique perspective on ladder ops.

We discuss defensive ladder operations but focus on Aerial Ladder Rescue Operations.

We start the day with about 2 hours of classroom discussion that covers Inspections, SOP’s, Gravity, Communications, Placement, Strategies & Tactics.

Once outside, the hands on operations begin. We discuss placement, laddering buildings & structures, and on to Rescue Operations, then start out with very simple rescue ops that go hand in hand in dealing with obstructions and aerial ladder limitations, then advance from there.

Give Your Firefighters every advantage. Book your Aerial Ops class today!

Ropes I & II

Confined Space

Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire Department
Azerbaijan, Baku


Ask Us About the Texas HB2604 grant program for training & equipment.

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