NEW Line of Pump Testing Equipment

Meet our new line of Pump Testing Equipment!

We offer 1500 gpm and 2000 gpm machines.

Pump testing for fire departments presents a unique and lucrative business opportunity. Our new line of pump testing equipment is geared toward individuals who want to run their own business. These machines are leaner and meaner than our multi-purpose Pump Operations Simulators.

Fire pump testing is often mandated by local, state, or national regulations. Many fire departments outsource pump testing to avoid conflicts of interest. You can easily charge $250-$350 per truck. One station with four trucks, could easily pay $1000 for the day.

Pump Testing SET UP (pictured with our Pump Ops Simulator). This NEW line is streamlined for PUMP TESTING ONLY.

Demand for accurate and reliable pump performance evaluations is constant in the firefighting industry, creating a niche for individuals with the requisite skills, knowledge, and equipment. Firefighters, and other motivated individuals, can leverage their comprehensive understanding of fire apparatus and hydraulic systems to offer specialized pump testing services to neighboring fire departments or emergency services. By investing in portable testing equipment and staying abreast of industry standards, independent pump test business owners/operators can provide essential on-site assessments, ensuring that firefighting equipment operates at peak efficiency.


This lighter, cheaper line of pump testing equipment empowers business owners to contribute to the safety and effectiveness of first responders. Additionally, as word-of-mouth recommendations spread within the firefighting community, the potential for expanding this business grows, providing a valuable income stream for those looking to diversify their professional pursuits.

Contact US if you’re interested in running your own business. We provide our innovative equipment, training, and ongoing support!